1. survey/application

Thank you very much for your interest in being a panelist (and/or moderator) of the Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) "Working in the Business" panel discussion.

Hopefully this (slightly longish) single page survey is relatively quick and easy to complete.
If you're in a rush or pressed for time, the only items requiring responses are those within sections preceded by asterisk (*). Putting content in the text boxes is optional except for * 1. regarding your contact information. (If you miss a required bit after clicking the "Done" button, look for redish "Required:" text to see what you missed).

Before starting to answer, one might want to give the questions (and possibly also the answers) a very quick skim, to see how they do (and don't) interrelate. Note that each question section allow at least some space for comments, additional information and/or free-form text.

Much thanks again for your time and consideration.

Questions/suggestions about this panel, panel project or BALUG? See ...

one can look at:
to learn more about this panel/project, and also see at least some topics/questions we may be planning or considering

If you wish to email us regarding the BALUG "Working in the Business" panel discussion, or just want to suggest topics/questions for such, please include
"Working in the Business" in the Subject header,
and email us at:

For more information about BALUG, please see:

* 1. Please provide your contact information (name, email, phone, affiliation). We won't use your email address obtained from here for any purpose other than contacting you about this BALUG panel discussion.
Please do include your email address to ensure we're able to contact you:

* 2. Please check the date(s) you're available (evening meetings, location in Chinatown area, San Francisco.
For more detailed ...
location information, see:
typical meeting timeline, see "Typical meeting timeline" portion of:

* 3. Which response most closely matches the approximate percentage of your IT experience that fits each of the following roles:

  90% 70% 50% 30% 10% 0%
IT worker/professional (employee/contractor)
IT consultant
IT lead (direct/lead others, but not manager)
IT manager
IT executive
human resources/personnel or insourced recruiter
recruiter (agency/outsourced)
account manager (agency)

* 4. Which response most closely matches your approximate number of years experience working in field/area indicated? If it's substantially or mostly indirect or placement (e.g. HR/personnel, agency recruiter or account manager), please note/explain within the text box.

  11 or more 9 7 5 3 1 0
Developer/programmer open source (or based upon)
Developer/programmer proprietary (and so based)
Systems Administrator Linux or other open source
Systems Administrator Unix
Systems Administrator proprietary micro
Systems Programmer proprietary mainframe
Database Administrator - open source DB (e.g. mysql)
Database Administrator - proprietary DB (e.g. Oracle)
Network Administrator open source (e.g. Linux firewall)
Network Administrator proprietary (e.g. Cisco IOS)
IT Hardware open specification or for Linux or open source
IT Hardware proprietary for proprietary code/use
IT Management based on open source
IT Management based on proprietary
IT Executive based on open source
IT Executive based on proprietary

* 5. Which response most closely matches the approximate percentage of your IT experience (working, managing, and/or placing) in the following geographic locations:

  90% 70% 50% 30% 10% 0%
San Francisco Bay Area
Other California locations
Other US locations
non-US locations

* 6. Are you rather to quite interested in moderating this panel?

If you skip this set, we'll presume you're interested in being on the panel, and not interested in moderating the panel.

How strongly do you agree/disagree with the following:

  Agree Strongly Agree Somewhat Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Somewhat Disagree Strongly
I want to moderate the panel!
I want to be a panelist!

* 7. What uniquely qualifies you? (i.e. what would make you a particularly good/excellent/interesting/unique participant?)

* 8. How should we describe/list you as panelist (or moderator)?

Essentially we're looking for a fairly short synopsis description (e.g. name, title, affiliation, short bit of text on relevant qualifications/background for being panelist (or moderator), and optionally also a very short mini-bio, typically emphasizing relevant background/interests and/or other unique/interesting facts.

The Name through mini-bio sections on:
may be useful to consult on text we'd typically be looking for. One may also peruse earlier BALUG announcements for examples:

Essentially consider this an opportunity to provide draft of text we'd use in our publicity and announcements including you in the listing.

As we may have a significant number of participants, the text should be fairly short - we can also include links where folks can go to get additional information.

* 9. Recommendations (optional but recommended). Please provide names and contact information on one to three persons that would recommend you for this panel, and preferably folks that do not report (directly or indirectly) to or work for you. You may also/alternatively provide information on where we may rather conveniently find such recommendation(s) (e.g. public URL that doesn't require registration/login, or URL on major social networking site (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) where we might need to login to view the information, but where we don't have to "connect" or become "friends" or the like on the site, to be able to view the recommendation information).