Cover Letter & Consent

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Registered Dental Hygienist,

Our names are Kierah, Nicole, and Krislyn. We are students completing our Bachelor of Science degree in the Fones Dental Hygiene program at the University of Bridgeport. This semester, we are conducting a survey as part of our project for our research course which involves surveying Registered Dental Hygienist’s (RDH’s) throughout the Unites States.

If you are a Registered Dental Hygienist practicing in the United States, we invite you to participate before November 1, 2009.

The survey is designed to help us obtain information regarding RDH’s current clinical knowledge of certain treatment modalities. We know your time is important and we greatly appreciate your participation. The survey consists of approximately 30 questions and should take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete.

This survey is for licensed Registered Dental Hygienist's only.

Your participation is strictly voluntary and all responses will remain completely anonymous. Your name will not be used at any point during information collection or in the final report.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, you may contact our supervising course instructor, Wendy M. Garcia, RDH, MSEd at

The results of our study will be available after December, 20, 2009 and you may receive a copy by emailing your request to

By completing this survey you are agreeing to participate in this study.

We thank you in advance for your time and participation in completing this survey.


Kierah K. Robinson, RDH
Krislyn Monagan, RDH
Nicole Pierre-Dowling, RDH

3% of survey complete.