The Florida Legislature wants to hear from you about the burdens imposed by our state’s rules and regulations. The Legislature has the responsibility to supervise the power of agencies and local governments to adopt rules and regulations that may control private and commercial conduct. The Legislature often allows agencies and local governments to adopt rules and regulations to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Floridians.

However, some rules and regulations may be poorly conceived or outdated, fail to achieve their intended purposes, or are otherwise unreasonably burdensome compared to their actual benefits. When a rule is adopted by an agency or a regulation is adopted by a local government the Legislature may not be aware of the actual burdens created. Your contributions to this survey can help the Legislature overcome this information gap. As a Floridian, you are our best source to identify whether or not our state’s rules and regulations impose unacceptable burdens.

By answering just a few quick questions, you can help identify specific burdensome rules or regulations. Whenever possible, please provide the official title and number of any rule or ordinance that concerns you. You may complete the survey as often as you like to report on any number of rules or regulations. Please complete only one survey per rule or regulation. The Legislature will be reviewing the nature and descriptions of your concerns. Any rule or regulation that is burdensome to Floridians is worthy of serious reconsideration. That process begins with your participation.

For the purposes of this survey, a rule or regulation is “burdensome” if it is:

1) Arbitrary (not supported by sound reasoning or necessary facts);
2) Capricious (nonsensical, silly, foolish);
3) Unjustified (primarily serves the convenience of the government, does not properly implement Florida law, or is contrary to the public interest);
4) Ineffective (does not accomplish the intended outcome or otherwise advance the public interest); or
5) Uneconomical (the benefit is significantly outweighed by the cost of compliance).

Please do not include in your responses any discussion of any violation of rules or regulations for which you are being investigated or are presently subject to enforcement proceedings. State agencies are not permitted to use your participation in this survey against you in any enforcement action, however, such matters are better discussed with your representatives in the Florida Legislature with advice of legal counsel.

If you are seeking technical assistance regarding a specific rule or regulation, please contact the appropriate regulatory entity. A full listing of state agencies, including those responsible for various regulatory functions, can be found at


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