Dear Graduating Senior:
Soon you will be a Concord University graduate. While a member of the Concord community, you have contributed much to Concord in your time here, and it is our sincere hope that your academic and life experiences at Concord have contributed to your personal and intellectual growth. Your responses to this questionnaire will provide valuable input to Concord for making decisions to improve our academic programs and our services for students. All responses are confidential. Thank you for your assistance and best wishes for continued success.

* 1. What is the highest academic degree you plan to earn?

* 2. What is your primary future plan? Please complete the following for your new career position and/or graduate school.

* 3. What was your MOST important reason for attending Concord?

* 4. What was your SECOND most important reason for attending Concord?

* 5. Please indicate your major(s):

* 6. Please indicate your minor(s):

* 7. Approximately how many hours per week do you spend outside of class on course-related work (e.g. homework, papers, projects, rehearsals, studio work, etc.)?

* 8. Approximately how many hours per week do you spend working on-campus?

* 9. Approximately how many hours per week do you spend working off-campus?

* 10. During the course of the past school year, how often were you involved in the following activities?

  NEVER OCCASIONALLY during the year SOMETIME maybe every 2 or 3 weeks OFTEN at least weekly DAILY
Interacting with people from other cultures
Discussing topics with others whose opinions or personal values differ from your own
Using the library to gather research materials and information
Communicating with a faculty member outside of class
Attending a cultural event
Writing papers and/or projects
Applying the knowledge and skills gained in one discipline to learning in other disciplines
Discussing issues of social, cultural, or academic significance with others
Completing reading assignments for class preparation
Using a computer lab for completion of assignments

* 11. Rate yourself on the following traits and abilities:

Leadership ability
Ability to work cooperatively with a group
Ethical decision making
Respect for diversity
Ability to think independently
Love of learning
Critical thinking ability
Ability to write clearly
Reading comprehension
Conflict resolution
Social responsibility

* 12. How effective has your Concord University education been in helping you to:

Analyze written arguments
Appreciate other cultures
Appreciate fine arts
Broaden your intellectual interests
Develop leadership skills
Improve decision-making abilities
Reason mathematically
Respect different points of view
Speak to groups
Think critically
Think independently
Use information technology
Write clearly
Develop math skills
Interpret events within historical contexts
Understand the relationship between individuals and their environment
Understand the physical universe
Solve problems
Work independently
Work in groups
Apply learning in different contexts
Conduct research
Interpret and apply research
Analyze information and ideas
Synthesize information and ideas
Master the subject matter of your major
Apply knowledge in problem solving
Find and apply information
Understand multiple perspectives
Develop a love of learning
Understand your own competencies
Understand your own deficiencies
Realize your learning style

* 13. How satisfied were you with the experiences, services, and facilities at Concord as listed below?

  VERY Dissatisfied SOMEWHAT Dissatisfied SATISFIED SOMEWHAT More Satisfied VERY Satisfied N/A
Student Life
Faculty interaction
Feedback from faculty
Teaching in General Education
Teaching in major field
Campus intellectual climate
Faculty enthusiasm
Availability of major field courses
Availability of general education courses
Quality of courses in major field
Quality of general education courses
Accessibility of faculty
Academic advising by faculty
Attitude of faculty toward students
Attitude of non-teaching staff
On-campus work experiences
Career services
Business office
Campus bookstore
Financial aid office
Food service
Registrar’s office
Registration process
Student affairs
Disability services
International Student office
College Center office
Classroom Computer labs
General Computer labs
IT Help Desk
McNair scholars program
Counseling center
Recreational facilities
Campus Security
Classroom facilities
Student Support Services
Quality of preparation for employment
Quality of preparation for graduate or professional school

* 14. Please indicate your intended year of college graduation

* 15. Please indicate your gender

* 16. Please indicate your age

* 17. Please indicate your marital status

* 18. Were you a resident, commuter, or both?

* 19. Please provide the state or country that is your current permanent address:

* 20. How would you describe your race/ethnicity?