The NH Department of Health and Human Services is holding 11 information sessions on the new Medicaid Care Management program. The meetings are for those who are on Medicaid and for human service agency case managers/service coordinators who work with them. Others are welcome to attend if interested.

Information covered will be on Step 1 (Medical Services) of the new Medicaid Care Management program. Enrollment for the new program is projected to begin in October and services in December.

Meeting topics will include basic information about:
- When the new program will start,
- What you will have to do when signing up for the program begins
- How to pick the right Care Management plan for you
- And how the new program will work.

All of the 11 sessions will cover the same information, so you need to attend only one.

This is an information meeting only. It is NOT for signing people up for the new Care Management program. That will happen later in the year.

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