Since its original survey of newspaper digitisation projects, the Europeana Newspapers ( project has received more requests from libraries that did not manage to submit details first time around.

Therefore, the survey has been opened up (May 2013) again to allow other libraries to enter details of their digitised newspaper collection. The results of the first survey are at (pdf)

Please reply by 31st July 2013.

Many thanks !

Alastair Dunning and the Europeana Newspapers team

* 1. What is your institution and email address ? (The email address is only a contact point in case there are further questions)

* 2. Approximately, how many pages and titles are there in your institution’s physical collection of newspapers?

* 3. Approximately, how many pages and titles has your institution digitised?

* 4. What is the homepage URL for your digitised collection?

* 5. Copyright: Does your institution have a cut off date beyond which it will not publish digitised newspapers on the web?

* 6. And does your institution have any collective agreement with a rights organisation so that in-copyright digitised newspapers can be published ?

* 7. What aspects of digitisation have been undertaken on your collection?

* 8. How are the your institution’s digitised newspapers made available?

* 9. What are the main access conditions for your institution’s digitised collection: (more than one tick is possible) ?

* 10. What standards for digital images do your institution’s digitised newspapers use ?

* 11. What metadata standards do your institution’s digitised newspapers use ?

* 12. Any further information or comments that you wish to add ?