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* 1. Waver 1: Title l eligible high schools that are served with Title l funds and appear in the bottom quintile of all schools in the state are included as newly eligible Tier II schools. Do you support their inclusion on this list?

* 2. Waver 2: Utah's application for the School Improvement Grant excludes schools that are so small there are less than 40 students in attendance. The majority of schools on this list are rural, frontier schools or special schools serving unique populations. Do you support their exclusion from Tier I or Tier II designation?

* 3. Waver 4: If an LEA makes an application including a school currently in improvement, do you support the school exiting improvement status and receiving a fresh start in terms of AYP Title l guidelines?

* 4. Waver 5: Do you agree the USOE should permit the LEAs to waive the 40% poverty eligibility threshold of ESEA to permit LEAs to implement a schoolwide program in a Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III Title l participating school that does not meet the poverty threshold and is fully implementing one of the four school intervention models?

* 5. Waver 6: Do you support the period of eligibility for this grant to be implemented for three years rather than the two years currently available for most federal grant awards?