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* 1. How old are you?

2. What is your favorite part of being a Scout?

3. What is your 2nd favorite part of being a Scout?

4. What else (reasons not covered above) do like about scouting? (Please write your answer here.

5. Outside of scouting, what other activities take a lot of your time? (Please check the top 2.)

6. Because of scouting, a lot of Boy Scouts have a chance to spend time in the outdoors – (mountains, forest, beach, etc.) Is this…...

7. Some Scouts like scouting because they think it helps prepare them to be a better adult. Do you feel that way? Please tell us what you think. (Please write your answer here.)

8. In your opinion, what things about the scouting program could be better? (Please write your answer here.)

9. How many of your close friends are in the scouting program?

10. What would make more of your friends want to join? (Please write your answer here.)