Assessment Data for Student Learning Outcomes

During the semester you have assessed student achievement of the learning outcomes for your courses. The purpose of this survey is to collect those data from the assessment results. To complete this survey, you should have the following items at hand:

• a copy of the student learning outcomes (SLOs) for your courses, as approved through the curriculum development process
• your gradebook
• your knowledge of which SLOs are measured by which assignments

If the course is approved for General Education, a copy of the official Course Outline of Record would be helpful. You will need to know if a course SLO is mapped to a particular General Education SLO.

You should also know if the course SLO that you are reporting is mapped to a degree or certificate SLO in your program, also known as a Program Learning Outcome or PLO.

You may complete this survey for as many courses and SLOs that you have assessed. Each time you complete the survey, you can report results for only one SLO at a time. That's one course and one SLO each time you retake the survey.

You should report assessment results for at least one SLO for every course you taught. You may combine data from several sections of the same course if you used the same assessment method in each section.

Please complete this survey with your SPRING 2012 assessment results. To capture assessment data for the whole 2011-2012 academic year, you may also repeat the survey for each course you taught in FALL 2011 and now for each course taught in SUMMER 2012.

* 1. For which semester are you reporting?

* 2. Enter the course number. Use the official course number as it appears in the College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes. (examples: ECE 1003, MCOM 1300, NURS 1031)

* 3. How many students (headcount) were officially in your class at first census?