The Town of Reading is very interested in hearing your opinions about the zoning bylaw. Please fill out this questionnaire and make your opinion count. Thank you for your participation.

1. Your Name (Optional):

2. What sections of the bylaw are no longer relevant or out-of-date and should be amended/removed?

3. Which sections do you consider to be good and should be retained?

4. What are the most important development and zoning issues facing the Town?

5. What are the key enforcement or administrative problems with the bylaw?

6. Regarding the organization and format of the bylaw, is it easy or hard to understand or interpret from the Town, developer, or public point of view?

7. Are there any known internal conflicts or inconsistencies that you are aware of?

8. Any new tools and techniques you would like to see added to the revised bylaw?

9. Miscellaneous comments