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Darien Library would like to know about your experience in our NEW Children’s Library. Thank you for your suggestions!

1. What are your main reasons for coming to the Children's Library? Please select your top 2 choices.

2. Please rate how easy it is to find materials that are appropriate for your child.

3. How do you find materials that are appropriate for your child? Please select your top 2 choices.

4. If you answered “with help” in question # 3, what kind of help do you prefer? Please select only one.

5. The First Five Years section arranges the picture books by their qualities (transportation, nature, favorites, learn to read, etc). If you currently use that section, can you easily locate materials you and your child are interested in?

6. Please rate the physical attributes of the Children’s Library.

  Poor Adequate Good Very Good
Layout and arrangement of collections, the location of the seating, the placement of the stacks, etc.
Signs - are they easy to see and understand?
Seating and tables - are they in a good location, the right size for you and your child, etc.
Height of shelves

7. What is your child(ren)'s age group? Check all that apply.

8. What is your age group?

Feedback will help us improve our collections and services. Thank you so much for your input!