The City of Fayetteville designed this survey to increase the Communication & Community Outreach Division's awareness of neighborhood associations so that information can be updated and to help develop community engagement.

1. Are you a part of a Neighborhood Association, Property Owners Association, or Home Owners Association?

2. If not involved with an association, why?

3. How many households are members of this association?

4. How often does the association meet?

5. What percentage of members attend meetings/events?

6. What ward are you in? Link to the ward map:

7. What streets are the boundaries of the association?

8. What role do you play in the association? Please choose all that apply.

9. What is the purpose of the association? Examples: For meeting and gathering with neighbors, to discuss local issues that concern the neighborhood, etc.

10. How do the members of your association communicate with each other? Examples: telephone, listserv, Facebook group, email, website/blog, newsletter.

11. Does your association communicate with other associations? Please explain.

12. What is the process for new neighbors to join your association? Please explain.

13. Is there a website that the public can visit to gain more information?

14. What is the website's address?

15. How often is the website updated? Please explain.

16. Do you feel connected to your neighbors and your community?

17. How do you think the City of Fayetteville can help associations and residents?