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The Measurement Standards Metrology Lab is conducting a survey in order to better serve you and improve our management system. Please take a moment and complete the survey. Upon completion, this survey will be sent to our MSD Quality Manager.

1. How would you rate your experience with ODA MSD Metrology Lab? (Please check the appropriate boxes below) 5=very satisfied, 4=satisfied, 3=neutral, 2*dissatisfied, 1*extremely dissatisfied

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Calibration Certificate, format/information
Calibration Certificate, completeness
Calibration Certificate, accuracy/error free
Turn-around time
Technician Response
Customer Service
Packaging, Condition of returned instruments

2. How would you rate your satisfaction with our calibration services? (Please check the appropriate box) 5=very satisfied, 4=satisfied, 3=neutral, 2*=dissatified, 1*=extremely dissatisfied

3. What other calibration services would you like for us to offer?

4. Please rate the following by importance when selecting a calibration vendor. 1=Required, 2=Important, 3=Considered, 4=Less important

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Customer Service

5. Does your calibration need to be performed by a NVLAP accredited laboratory? (Please check the appropriate box)