* 1. How frequently do you use Expereal?

* 2. Why do you use Expereal?

* 3. Which other self-measurement tools do you use?

* 4. How did you hear about Expereal?

* 5. Which features would you most like to see in future versions of Expereal?

  Love it Hate it Don't care
More structure (separate tags from a longer description) in Capture Details
Ability to see friends' Expereal ratings & tags (with their permission)
Publish rating to Twitter
Weather integration (each rating having an associated weather)
Tap on tag to see associated ratings and averages
A Non-Facebook login
Expereal-specific login (not Facebook, Twitter or Google)
Simplified data entry (Capture Details)
More push message reminders
Ask friends to rate something (i.e., event, moment, person, etc.)
Visualize past ratings on easily understood X-Y axis (Rating over Time)
Sharing photos to Facebook/Twitter with embedded rating and tags
Greater flexibility in receiving push messages
Browse photos with associate ratings, tags, etc.
Categorizing individual Expereal ratings (e.g.) Health, Emotion, Exercise, etc.
Weekly email of my friends' ratings and relevant correlations
Twitter login
Weekly email of my ratings and relevant correlations/learnings
Data export into CSV file
Data export via API
Tweet an Expereal rating that is captured
Google login