Your tutoring experience can provide valuable insights that allow us to improve our program. Please answer the following as honestly and completely as you can.

* 1. Are you currently tutoring a student?

* 2. If not, why?

(Even if you are not tutoring, we would appreciate your input and answers to the questions in this survey.)

* 4. For how many months have you tutored each student?

* 5. What locations have you used for tutoring?

* 6. What do you like best about tutoring?

* 7. What do you like least about tutoring?

* 8. What are your areas of greatest concern as a tutor for the ESL & Literacy program?

* 9. After your current situation, would you like to be matched again?

* 10. Even if you are not actively tutoring, the ESL & Literacy program can use your help in other areas. Please check any of the following that you would be interested in assisting with:

The ESL & Literacy program provides many services many services in support of tutoring. This next section asks for your input on how we can improve these services.

* 11. Are you able to use the results to plan lessons?

* 12. Are you able to use the suggestions to plan lessons?

* 13. If not, please explain:

* 14. Please list any other assessment information that you need to do a better job.


* 15. We would like to ensure that we are conducting inservices which are relevant to you. What inservices have you attended?

* 16. What inservices would you like to see the ESL & Literacy program offer?


* 17. Are the ESL/Literacy resources in our library adequate in your opinion?

* 18. What types of ESL/Literacy resources would you like added to our library collection?


* 19. Have you and your learner used the Language Lab?

* 20. If you have, what did you like best about the lab?

* 21. How could the lab be improved?

* 22. If you and your learner haven't used the Language Lab yet, what has prevented you from doing so?

* 23. Please list any additional comments or suggestions for the improvement of the ESL & Literacy program.

* 24. How can we best support you?

* 25. Name (Optional)

Thank you!