1. Please rate our testing center by selecting the number of each scale that most closely describes your experience.

  Not at all Very Much N/A
I found scheduling my test to be a convenient process.
The operating hours are convenient for my schedule.
I received accurate directions and found parking accessible to the center.
The center's location is convenient and accessible.
Upon arriving, my needs were attended to in a timely manner.
The testing personnel were informed, knowledgeable, and helpful for my situation.
The testing personnel were courteous.
The testing personnel were professional.
The testing environment was adequately free of distractions and/or noise.
The testing environment was comfortable (e.g space, lighting, temperature, cleanliness, etc.).
I understood the procedures for taking the test.
The testing process was professional and efficient.
I received helpful information by telephone or website.
The test(s) I took will help me to progress in school.
I am satisfied with the services I received.

2. Please select from the options below which tests you have taken at Testing Services.

3. How did you learn about our services?

4. How might we best advertise our services?

5. Please select your current class at The University of Akron

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7. Please describe your race/ethnicity.

8. What is your gender?

9. Please provide us with constructive comments to help us learn what we are doing well and how we may improve services to you.