As of November 2012, the West Virginia Division of Justice and Community Services has retired OTIS (Officer Information Training System) and purchased a new law enforcement training database. This new system will serve as a central training and certification repository for all law enforcement personnel and organizations, maintaining accurate, complete, and accessible lifelong employment and training records for officers, ensuring compliance with legislative mandates.


In order to ensure the accuracy of your records, please complete the following form which consists of 3 sections (Personal, Contact, and Employment Information), containing 19 questions, and will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. All items marked with an asterisk require an answer before you can continue completing the form. Once you have answered all question, be sure to click "done" in order for your information to be stored. We greatly appreciate your time and participation.


After the information has been submitted, the data will be merged into the new system and your records will be updated. This will prompt the system to send out an email, containing a link to the new system. It will provide you with a generated username and password to log-in and gain access to your records.
*Please allow up to 2 weeks for your email to arrive.