To assure participation and to help us in planning for future programs, completion of this survey is greatly appreciated. A copy of this evaluation may be submitted directly to the Iowa Board of Nursing. For a written copy, please contact Colleen Bornmueller at 515-288-9028.

As a result fo the 2013 IIPP Update, the participants will be able to:

1) Report on the 2012 statewide STD surveillance data and provide an update on current STD program activities.
2) Review CDC guidelines for chlamydia and gonorrhea retesting and the importance of preventing reinfection and more serious sequelae.
3) Describe one IIPP provider's efforts to reach clients for retesting and bring them back to the clinic for follow-up.

* 1. The learning objectives were relevant to the goal of this course and this Project.

* 2. I am able to report statewide STD data trends and describe current STD program activities.

* 3. As a result of viewing the program, I can review guidelines for retesting previous positive individuals for chlamydia and gonorrhea and the importance of this practice.

* 4. As a result of this program, I can describe one IIPP providers efforts to develop a system for bring clients back in for retesting and the outcomes of this practice.

* 5. Overall, the quality of the course and the course materials met my expectations.

* 6. The use of a webinar was conducive to learning.

* 7. The speakers were knowledgable of their subject matter.

* 8. The subject matter was relevant to my work.

* 9. What other comments do you have regarding the 2013 IIPP Update? What training topics would you like to see covered in the future?