Tax Survey


We have a potential tax survey that we may be running this year. We would like to get feedback on your current tax situation to see if you would qualify. If you do qualify, we would call you and make you a part of our research study where you will be testing a new type of tax software. In apppreciation for participating, we will file your taxes for FREE and compensate you $250 for your time.

Please feel free to forward this to friends.

* 1. Have you used tax software to file your taxes in the past two years?

* 2. Did you have a full-time or part-time job for part or all of 2011 and will receive a W2 from your employer?

* 3. Do you own a home or any other real estate?

* 4. What type of tax form were you planning on filing? (you can select more than one if you think you may qualify for more than one)

* 5. Are you willing to file your taxes on or after April 1st but before the April 17th deadline?

* 6. If you were paid $250 plus have your taxes filed for free, would you be willing to wait to file your taxes between April 1st and 17th?

* 7. Please provide your contact info